1453-S AMH IRWI CLYN 285


SHB 1453 - H AMD TO H AMD (H-2255.3/19) 193

By Representative Irwin

NOT ADOPTED 03/05/2019

On page 8, beginning on line 28 of the striking amendment, after "chapter" strike all material through "A" on line 29 and insert ", a"

On page 8, beginning on line 33 of the striking amendment, strike all of subsection (2)

EFFECT:   Strikes the subsection that provides that, except as provided in RCW 59.18.410 (which pertains to the court process), the tenant's right to possession may not be conditioned on a tenant's payment or satisfaction of any monetary amount other than rent and further provides that a landlord is not foreclosed from pursuing other lawful remedies to collect late payments, damages, legal costs, or other fees, including attorneys' fees.

--- END ---