1544-S AMH BOEH HATF 073


SHB 1544 - H AMD 83

By Representative Boehnke

On page 2, after line 2, insert the following:

"(3) In circumstances where actions are delayed due to this section, a prevailing county, city, or town may recover from the petitioner costs, attorney fees, and compensation for all county, city, or town employees' hours expended in defending the action. Any funds recovered pursuant to this subsection must be remitted to the planning department of the county, city, or town."

EFFECT:   Provides that, in the event that the effective dates of certain actions are delayed because of a petition for review filed with the Growth Management Hearings Board, the county, city, or town defending against the petition is eligible to recover certain costs and fees associated with defending against the petition in the event that the county, city, or town prevails in the litigation.

--- END ---