1793-S AMH BARK MATM 560


SHB 1793 - H AMD TO H AMD (H-2820.2/19) 614

By Representative Barkis

NOT ADOPTED 04/15/2019

On page 2, line 26 of the striking amendment, after "(e)" strike "A" and insert "((A)) Except as provided in subsection (6)(c) of this section, a"

On page 6, line 30 of the striking amendment, after "(6)" insert ", with respect to a second or subsequent violation at a specific location. With respect to the first violation at a specific location, a warning notice with no penalty must be issued to the registered owner of the vehicle"

EFFECT:  Modifies the requirement for the pilot that, beginning January 1, 2020, for first time violations at specific locations for infractions for which camera use is expanded in the bill, a warning of infraction without a fine, rather than a notice of infraction with a fine, must be mailed to the registered owner of a vehicle. 

--- END ---