1793-S AMH YOUN MATM 565


SHB 1793 - H AMD TO H AMD (H-2820.2/19) 613

By Representative Young

ADOPTED 04/15/2019

On page 5, line 28 of the striking amendment, after "(ii)" insert "(A)"

On page 5, after line 32 of the striking amendment, insert the following:

"(B) Regarding any violation detected under this pilot program with respect to trucks parked for the purposes of delivering commercial products between the hours of midnight to 5 a.m. in public transportation only lanes or in lanes restricted for high-occupancy vehicles, a warning notice with no penalty must be issued to the registered owner of the vehicle."

EFFECT:   Restricts traffic violations detected under the pilot with respect to trucks, having parked in lanes restricted for public transportation or high-occupancy vehicle use, for the purpose of making deliveries between midnight and 5 a.m., to receiving warnings only.

--- END ---