5166-S AMH VANW TANG 102


SSB 5166 - H AMD TO CWD COMM AMD (H-2644.1) 545

By Representative Van Werven

NOT ADOPTED 04/10/2019

On page 1, line 25 of the striking amendment, after "(4)" insert "(a) Postsecondary educational institutions shall track, per academic year, the number and types of requests for accommodations made, granted, and denied, and in which programs and courses the requests were made, granted, and denied.

(b) Beginning December 1, 2019 and each December 1 thereafter, postsecondary educational institutions shall provide a report to the appropriate committees of the legislature summarizing the number and types of accommodations made, granted, and denied; the programs or courses in which the requests were made, granted, or denied; and any other information the postsecondary educational institution considers relevant.

(c) The personal identifying information of a student requesting accommodations is confidential, except to the extent necessary to provide accommodations for the student. Postsecondary educational institutions may not include any personal identifying information of students in any reports made under this section.


Renumber the remaining subsection consecutively.

EFFECT:  Requires institutions to track and submit annual reports to the Legislature (beginning December 1, 2019) on the number and types of accommodation requests made, granted, and denied.

Provides that a student's personal identifying information is confidential except to the extent necessary to provide accommodations, and prohibits institutions from including any personal identifying information in reports.

--- END ---