5395-S.E AMH SHEA REIN 201


ESSB 5395 - H AMD TO ED COMM AMD (H-4971.4/20) 2016

By Representative Shea

NOT ADOPTED 03/04/2020

On page 4, line 16 of the striking amendment, after "(b)" insert "Each school providing comprehensive sexual health education must convene a public meeting with full display and description of actual instructional materials one month prior to the beginning of classroom instruction. Additionally, days of classroom instruction must be listed on the school calendar for parents and guardians and included in school newsletters. Written notice of classroom instruction must be sent with each child to the child's parent or guardian, and must be returned to the school with the parent's or guardian's written consent for or written excuse from participation in classroom instruction. Unless and until the child's parent or guardian provides written consent, the child may not participate in classroom instruction.


EFFECT: Requires schools to convene public meetings with display and description of instructional materials at least one month prior to classroom instruction. Requires that school calendars and school newsletters list days of classroom instruction. Requires written notice of and written consent for a child's participation in classroom instruction.  

--- END ---