5395-S.E AMH WALJ REIN 035


ESSB 5395 - H AMD 1998

By Representative Walsh

WITHDRAWN 03/04/2020

On page 4, beginning on line 1, after "(7)" strike all material through "instruction" on line 8 and insert the following:

"((Any parent)) Parents or legal guardians who wish((es))

to have ((his or her child excused from)) their children attend any

planned instruction in comprehensive sexual health education may do

so upon filing a written request with the school district board of

directors or its designee, or the principal of the school ((his or her)) their child attends, or the principal's designee. School

districts must grant the written request to have the children receive this instruction. Only children whose parents or legal guardians file a written request under this subsection will be allowed to receive this instruction"

EFFECT: Requires written requests from parents or legal guardians for their children to receive (rather than to be excused from) comprehensive sexual health education.  

--- END ---