5395-S.E AMH WALJ REIN 052


ESSB 5395 - H AMD 1982

By Representative Walsh

WITHDRAWN 03/04/2020

On page 3, line 14, after "well." insert "The office of the superintendent of public instruction must organize all materials related to comprehensive sexual health education in a single area of its web site, and must include a direct link to the area on its home page. Links to curricula used by every school district must be included in the same area of the web site, maintained in their entirety, and organized by grade and subject matter. Links to recommended or supplemental materials relating to those curricula must also be included in the same area of the web site."

EFFECT: Specifies the organization and content of comprehensive sexual health education materials and curricula on the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction's website.  

--- END ---