5395-S.E AMH YOUN MORI 207


ESSB 5395 - H AMD 1968

By Representative Young

WITHDRAWN 03/04/2020

On page 2, line 11, after "prevention" strike "((.))" and insert "((. A school may choose to use separate, outside speakers or prepared curriculum to teach different content areas or units within the comprehensive sexual health program as long as all speakers, curriculum, and materials used are in compliance with this section.))"

On page 2, line 14, after "RCW;" insert "and"

On page 2, beginning on line 15, after "(iv)" strike all material through "(v)" on line 20

On page 3, beginning on line 9, after "and" strike "guest speakers" and insert "((guest speakers))"

EFFECT:  Removes the authority to use separate, outside speakers. Removes references to guest speakers.

--- END ---