6288-S.E AMH YBAR LEIN 178


ESSB 6288 - H AMD TO CRJ COMM AMD (H-5210.1/20) 2025

By Representative Ybarra

NOT ADOPTED 03/05/2020

On page 2, line 37 of the striking amendment, after "(g)" insert "Reducing instances of firearm deaths by suicide, which comprise over seventy-five percent of firearm deaths in Washington over the last five years, in collaboration with the department of health and the Washington action alliance for suicide prevention; and


On page 3, line 5, after "must" insert "include efforts and progress in reducing firearm deaths by suicide and must"

EFFECT:  Adds a focus on the reduction in the instances of firearm deaths by suicide to the duties of the office. Provides that the initial report to the legislature must include efforts and progress on the reduction of firearm deaths by suicide. 

--- END ---