1087-S2 AMS BRAU S4172.1
2SHB 1087 - S AMD TO HLTC COMM AMD (S-3352.1/19) 680
By Senator Braun
WITHDRAWN 04/16/2019
On page 3, at the beginning of line 33, strike "a three percent index" and insert "the lesser of three percent or the consumer price index,"
On page 4, line 1, after "(5)" insert ""Consumer price index" means the consumer price index for all urban consumers, all items, for the Seattle area as calculated by the United States bureau of labor statistics. For the purposes of this act, "Seattle area" means the geographic sample area that includes Seattle and surrounding areas.
Renumber the remaining subsections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.
EFFECT: Changes the annual benefit growth factor to the consumer price index, up to a maximum of 3%.
--- END ---