1087-S2 AMS OBAN S4128.1
2SHB 1087 - S AMD TO HLTC COMM AMD (S-3352.1/19) 655
By Senator O'Ban
NOT ADOPTED 04/16/2019
On page 12, after line 36, insert the following:
"(4) If program costs exceed the funds available in the account, any funds received pursuant to the demonstration waiver in section 13 of this act or any savings to the medicaid program identified through the activities in section 14 of this act must be deposited in the account and utilized before the premiums established in section 8 of this act are increased."
EFFECT: Before the Legislature increases the premium to fund any program deficits, the Legislature is required to utilize any of the funds that are received by the state through a demonstration waiver with the federal government or any Medicaid savings that are identified by the Commission.
--- END ---