1102-S AMS FROC RAMS 043


SHB 1102 - S AMD TO S-3827.1/19 531

By Senator Frockt

OUT OF ORDER 04/27/2019

On page 11, line 14, before "housing" insert "modular"

On page 11, line 27, strike "behavioral health regions" and insert "health care entities that provide behavioral health care services to individuals eligible for the housing provided under this paragraph (b)"

On page 11, line 28, strike everything through and including line 30

Renumber the remaining sections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.

EFFECT: Clarifies that affordable housing options are to be modular units.  Clarifies that supportive housing services projects must provide evidence that the application was developed in collaboration with health care entities that provide behavioral health care services. Removes the requirement that an applicant would meet gaps in geographical behavioral health services within the applicant's region.


--- END ---