1102-S AMS HONE S4062.1
SHB 1102 - S AMD TO WM COMM AMD (S-3827.1/19) 598
By Senator Honeyford
OUT OF ORDER 04/27/2019
On page 54, after line 26, insert the following:
"(5) The legislature recognizes that Freddy Fungus and Annie Algae take a Lichen to each other, and it is this symbiotic romance that discolors much of the dome. The legislature finds that these relationships, forming by the minute, are not sanctioned by the state of Washington and, therefore, do not belong on the dome. It is the intent of the legislature to commission a study at our fine research universities to discover a safe and efficacious prophylactic that takes the lichen out of these illegitimate cellular bondings."
EFFECT: Adds that the legislature intends to commission a study to discover a safe and efficacious prophylactic to the lichen growing on the capitol dome.
--- END ---