1102-S AMS MULL S3853.1
SHB 1102 - S AMD TO WM COMM AMD (S-3827.1/19) 530
By Senator Mullet
OUT OF ORDER 04/27/2019
On page 283, after line 29, insert the following:
"NEW SECTION.  Sec. 7029. The department of enterprise services, in consultation with the office of financial management, is granted the authority to sell the real property known as the Tacoma Rhodes Center complex. The property consists of the broadway building, market building, and parking garage. The department may negotiate a sale with the city of Tacoma for less than fair market value, but the purchase price must cover appraisal costs, all debt services, all closing costs, and the cost of outstanding liabilities necessary to keep the department whole. If the department and the city are unable to negotiate agreed upon terms and execute a purchase and sale agreement by December 31, 2019, the department may sell the property to the public for no less than fair market value. The terms and conditions of the sale must meet the business needs of the state tenants."
Renumber the remaining sections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.
EFFECT: Allows the Department of Enterprise Services, in consultation with the Office of Financial Management, to sell the complex known as the Tacoma Rhodes building.
--- END ---