1440-S.E AMS SHOR S3615.1
ESHB 1440 - S AMD 575
By Senator Short
NOT ADOPTED 04/10/2019
On page 2, line 3, after "tenant" insert "living solely on a fixed income including those receiving supplemental security income and social security disability insurance, earning below sixty percent area median income, or is sixty years of age or older"
On page 2, line 5, after "agreement." insert "A landlord shall provide a minimum of thirty days prior written notice of an increase in the amount of rent to each affected tenant in all other circumstances."
EFFECT: Limits the sixty-day notice requirement to situations where the affected tenant is on a fixed income including SSI and SSDI, earns below sixty percent AMI, or is 60 or older. States the minimum notice requirement is thirty days in all other circumstances.
--- END ---