1775-S3.E AMS PADD TREM 005


E3SHB 1775 - S AMD TO AMD (S-7227.5) 1337

By Senator Padden

ADOPTED 03/06/2020

On page 13, line 3, after "services", insert "(5) The department shall convene a workgroup to study, analyze, and issue recommendations regarding how decriminalizing prostitution and prostitution loitering for persons under eighteen will impact law enforcement and prosecutor efforts and ability to discover and access the victim’s cell phone records to aid in prosecution of the perpetrator or abuser. The workgroup must issue recommendations to appropriate committees of the legislature by October 31, 2021."

EFFECT:  Requires DCYF to convene a work group to study and issue recommendations regarding obtaining evidence to aid in prosecution of persons who commercially sexually exploit youth. 

--- END ---