1923-S2.E AMS PALU S4147.1
E2SHB 1923 - S AMD TO S AMD (S-4105.1/19) 626
By Senator Palumbo
ADOPTED 04/13/2019
On page 10, line 25, after "ordinances" insert "for housing units constructed after July 1, 2019,"
On page 11, line 9, after "per day," insert "a city may not impose"
On page 11, beginning on line 10, after "requirements" strike all material through "unit" on line 11
EFFECT: Modifies certain municipal zoning parking requirements near transit service for housing units for seniors or people with disabilities from one space per bedroom to no minimum requirement. Clarifies that the parking restriction applies to housing units constructed after July 1, 2019.
--- END ---