5190-S AMS SHOR S2495.1
SSB 5190 - S AMD 255
By Senator Short
On page 1, line 11, after "period;" strike "and"
On page 1, line 12, after "(b)" insert "An employee may not legally waive his or her rights to receive required rest periods. Employers may discipline an employee who refuses to receive required rest periods; and
On page 1, line 14, after "periods." strike "This subsection (1)(b) does" and insert "(b) of this subsection and this subsection (1)(c) do"
Correct any internal references accordingly.
EFFECT: Requires employees to take all meal and rest breaks which they are entitled to under law, with the exception of unforeseeable emergency circumstances or clinical circumstances that may lead to patient harm without the specific skill or expertise of the employee. Allows employers to discipline employees who refuse meal or rest breaks.
--- END ---