5291-S3 AMS RIVE TREM 014


3SSB 5291 - S AMD 984

By Senator Rivers

OUT OF ORDER 02/17/2020

On page 17, line 32, after "court." insert "(5) Prior to commencement of the parenting sentencing alternative, the court shall provide written notification to victims of the current crime that the court is considering this alternative. If the court grants participation in the sentencing alternative, the court must provide written notification to all victims of the current crime that the offender will participate in the parenting sentencing alternative."

Reorder remaining subsections consecutively and correct internal references accordingly

On page 21, line 16, after "requirements." Insert "(8) Prior to transfer to partial confinement, the department shall notify all victims of the current crime that the offender is participating in the parenting program. Transfer to partial confinement may only occur after all victims are notified."

EFFECT:  Requires victim notification if court is considering parenting sentencing alternate (PSA). Requires victim notification if court allows offender to participate in PSA. Requires notification to victims prior to transfer to partial confinement for the community parenting alternative (CPA).

--- END ---