5298-S AMS RIVE S2573.1
SSB 5298 - S AMD TO S AMD (S-2163.1/19) 132
By Senator Rivers
ADOPTED 03/11/2019
On page 6, beginning on line 5, after "contains" strike all material through "use" on line 6 and insert":
(a) Directions or recommended conditions of use;
(b) A claim describing the psychoactive effects of the marijuana product, provided that the claim is substantiated as truthful and not misleading; or
(c) An otherwise legal claim related to the nonmarijuana ingredients"
EFFECT: Provides that it is not a violation of any law or rule to have information on the label of a marijuana product that describes the product's psychoactive effect or makes a legal claim related to the products nonmarijuana ingredients.
--- END ---