5600-S AMS WAGO S2883.1
SSB 5600 - S AMD TO S AMD (S-2613.3/19) 323
By Senator Wagoner
NOT ADOPTED 03/09/2019
Beginning on page 8, line 38, after "chapter" strike all material through "A" on page 9, line 1 and insert ", a"
On page 9, beginning on line 4, strike all of subsection (2)
EFFECT: Removes language that provides that, except as provided in another amendatory section pertaining to the court process, the tenant's right to possession may not be conditioned on a tenant's payment or satisfaction of any monetary amount other than rent and further provides that a landlord is not foreclosed from pursuing other lawful remedies to collect late payments, damages, legal costs, or other fees, including attorneys' fees.
--- END ---