6040-S AMS BRAU S6604.1
SSB 6040 - S AMD 1051
By Senator Braun
ADOPTED 02/17/2020
On page 3, beginning on line 26, after "must be" strike all material through "and" on line 27
On page 3, line 32, after "and" strike "their service needs" and insert "the number of persons contacted who are currently interested in receiving a paid service from the developmental disabilities administration"
On page 3, line 34, strike "2020" and insert "2021"
EFFECT: Clarifies that the Basic Plus and Individual and Family Services waiver must be budgeted as maintenance level costs. Clarifies that DSHS, subject to appropriation, must update the no-paid services caseload with a current headcount and the number of individuals who are currently interested in receiving a paid service. The timeline for the update of the no-paid services caseload is extended by one year to December 1, 2021.
--- END ---