State of Washington
66th Legislature
2019 Regular Session
BySenators Rolfes, Kuderer, and Walsh
Read first time 02/25/19.Referred to Committee on Ways & Means.
AN ACT Relating to the access to baby and child dentistry program for children with disabilities; and amending RCW 74.09.390.
Sec. 1. RCW 74.09.390 and 2018 c 156 s 1 are each amended to read as follows:
(1) Subject to the availability of amounts appropriated for this specific purpose, the authority shall expand the access to baby and child dentistry (ABCD) program to include eligible children ((with disabilities)) as ((eligible)) clients.
(2) Once enrolled in the program, eligible children ((with disabilities)) must be covered until their thirteenth birthday.
(3) Eligible children ((with disabilities)) enrolled in the program shall receive all services and benefits received by program clients.
(4) The authority shall pay enhanced fees for program services provided to eligible children ((with disabilities)) enrolled in the program to dentists, primary care providers, and dental hygienists certified to provide program services ((to children with disabilities)). To receive certification to provide program services to eligible children ((with disabilities)), a dentist, primary care provider, or dental hygienist must:
(a) Be licensed under Title 18 RCW; and
(b) Complete a course on treating eligible children ((with disabilities)) as defined by the authority in rule.
(5) On or before December 15, 2018, and on or before December 15, 2019, the authority, in consultation with any organizations administering the program, shall provide a report, in compliance with RCW 43.01.036, to the health care and fiscal committees of the legislature, to include:
(a) The number of dentists, primary care providers, and dental hygienists participating in the program; and
(b) The number of eligible children ((with disabilities)) who received treatment through the program.
(6) For purposes of this section:
(a) "Eligible children ((with disabilities))" means all individuals who meet clinical criteria established by the authority, who are under the age of thirteen with a disability attributable to intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, or another neurological condition closely related to an intellectual disability or that requires treatment similar to that required for persons with intellectual disabilities, which has continued or can be expected to continue indefinitely, and which constitutes a substantial limitation to such individual, who are eligible for one of the following medical assistance programs:
(i) Categorically needy program;
(ii) Limited casualty program-medically needy program;
(iii) Children's health program; or
(iv) State children's health insurance program.
(b) "Program" means the access to baby and child dentistry program as established by WAC 182-535-1245 or successor rule.
--- END ---