BySenators Hasegawa, Nguyen, Wagoner, Das, Saldaña, Brown, Randall, Hobbs, and Dhingra
WHEREAS, Asian Pacific Americans have played a rich role in the history and cultural development of Washington for more than one hundred fifty years; and
WHEREAS, About 760,760 residents of Washington are of Asian and Pacific Islander descent; and 
WHEREAS, Asian Pacific Americans have contributed significantly to the development of the arts, sciences, government, military, commerce, and education of Washington; and
WHEREAS, Asian Pacific Americans have made personal sacrifices that have advanced the cause of civil rights and equal opportunity for all residents of Washington; and 
WHEREAS, On February 26, 1974, the 43rd Washington State Legislature formally created the agency that would become the Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs (CAPAA); and
WHEREAS, CAPAA has since worked to improve the well-being of Asian Pacific Americans by identifying and examining issues impacting their community, ensuring their access to participation in government services, and advising the governor, state agencies, and the state legislature on laws and programs impacting them; and
WHEREAS, This year, the Commission will celebrate its 45th anniversary with an event on April 13, 2019; 
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate encourage all Washington residents to join us in observing the Sapphire Anniversary of the Washington State Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be immediately transmitted by the Secretary of the Senate to the Washington State Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs.
I, Brad Hendrickson, Secretary of the Senate,
do hereby certify that this is a true and
correct copy of Senate Resolution 8621,
adopted by the Senate
February 25, 2019
Secretary of the Senate