HB 1042-S - DIGEST

Recognizes that a public policy exists in the state: (1) Against strikes as a means of settling labor disputes;

(2) That uninterrupted and dedicated service of department of corrections employees is vital to the state; and

(3) In order to promote a dedicated and uninterrupted public service there should exist an effective and adequate alternative means of settling disputes.

Grants interest arbitration to the classified employees of the department of corrections.

Defines "department of corrections employees" as employees covered by the state civil service law who work for the department.

Exempts confidential employees, members of the Washington management service, and internal auditors from interest arbitration.

Requires the state's bargaining representative and the exclusive bargaining representative of a unit of department employees to attempt to agree on an interest arbitration panel to be used if the parties are not successful in negotiating a comprehensive agreement.

Requires the public employment relations commission to: (1) Review the appropriateness of bargaining units that consist of or include department employees; and

(2) If it is determined that a unit is not appropriate, modify the unit.