HB 1182 - DIGEST

Restores flexibility to the use of learning assistance program funds and requires school districts to budget and expend learning assistance program funds at both the district and school levels in a manner consistent with the Washington integrated student supports protocol.

Requires monitoring of school district learning assistance programs to ensure fidelity in implementing best practices in a manner consistent with the protocol.

Encourages school districts, in preparation for the required implementation of the protocol, to expend the appropriations for the learning assistance program in a manner consistent with the protocol; plans for district expenditures should consider the needs of participating students at the school district's various schools, and prioritize student needs based on system-level, including district, school, and community, needs assessments, and student-level needs assessments performed as part of the protocol.

Requires the office of the superintendent of public instruction to convene a panel of experts to identify best practices and strategies that may be used to provide behavioral and other nonacademic supports to participating students or to assist them in meeting state standards in federally required state assessments.