HB 1211 - DIGEST

Establishes the Washington clean energy transformation act.

Addresses the elimination of coal-fired electricity and the transition of the state's electricity supply to one hundred percent carbon neutral by 2030.

Provides that it is the policy of the state that all retail sales of electricity to the state's customers be greenhouse gas neutral by January 1, 2030.

Requires the department of commerce to convene an energy and climate policy advisory committee to develop recommendations to the legislature for the coordination of existing resources, or the establishment of new ones, to: (1) Examine the costs and benefits of energy-related policies, programs, functions, activities, and incentives; and

(2) Conduct other energy-related studies and analyses as may be directed by the legislature.

Requires the department of health to conduct a cumulative impact analysis to designate the communities highly impacted by fossil fuel pollution and climate change.