HB 1240 - DIGEST

Requires the department of health to establish the youth suicide review team to review circumstances related to suicides occurring among youth up to age twenty-four.

Requires the youth suicide review to: (1) Perform an in-depth review of each instance of a person under twenty-four years old who has died by suicide in the state during 2018;

(2) Analyze circumstances affecting the lives of the people who have been reviewed to ascertain the existence of any common factors that may have contributed to the suicide; and

(3) Compile statistics to establish a description of their lives and recommendations for targeting intervention programs to reach youth at risk for suicide earlier in life.

Requires a health care provider to disclose health care information, except for information and records related to sexually transmitted diseases, about a patient without the patient's authorization if the disclosure is requested by the department of health as needed to support the activities of the youth suicide review team.