HB 1290 - DIGEST

Finds that: (1) Cleaning up and redeveloping contaminated property is essential to the health and economic prosperity of our communities;

(2) Most cleanups are performed voluntarily by property owners and many of these owners request written opinions on the sufficiency of their voluntary cleanups from the department of ecology.

Authorizes the department of ecology to: (1) Establish a program to provide informal advice and assistance on the administrative and technical requirements of the model toxics control act to persons conducting or interested in conducting independent remedial actions at facilities where there is a suspected or confirmed release of hazardous substances; and

(2) Collect costs incurred by it in providing advice and assistance from people requesting the advice and assistance under the program.

Declares an intent to: (1) Cleanup and redevelop contaminated properties in our communities;

(2) Provide the department with additional tools and resources for conducting expedited reviews of voluntary cleanups; and

(3) Waive the department's costs of reviewing voluntary cleanups to encourage voluntary cleanups of these properties.

Creates the voluntary cleanup account.