HB 1538 - DIGEST

Addresses recommendations of the sunshine committee regarding the public records act.

Allows public inspection and copying of certain personal information in the act if an agency has received consent for disclosure from the subject of the information or, in the case of a child, from the child's parent or guardian.

Exempts passports and visa numbers from public inspection and copying under the act however, cities, states, and zip codes are not exempt with regard to residential addresses.

Specifies that the exemption of investigative records compiled by an employing agency is categorical and exempts the records in their entirety while the investigation is ongoing.

Exempts financial, commercial, and proprietary information from disclosure under the act, if the information is clearly marked as confidential and accompanied by an explanation of expected harm or the agency determines the information is likely to cause public or private loss or unfair private gain.

Exempts trade secrets from disclosure under the act.

Allows the court, in an action to enjoin disclosure of certain information, to award attorneys' fees to a defendant if the defendant prevailed in opposing an injunction.

Exempts the following from disclosure under the act: Bids, quotations, or proposals submitted to an agency for goods or services in response to a solicitation.