HB 1664 - DIGEST

Provides a sales and use tax exemption on electric vehicles.

Requires the department of ecology to adopt the zero emission vehicle program regulations contained in Title 13, section 1962, 1962.1, and 1962.2 of the California Code of Regulations.

Declares an intent to provide clear authority for utilities to engage in and promote the build out of electric vehicle infrastructure.

Requires utilities that are traditionally responsible for providing electric service to customers and for understanding and engineering the electrical grid for safety and reliability to be engaged in the electrification of the transportation system.

Authorizes certain cities or towns that are engaged in the generation, sale, or distribution of energy to, for its customers: (1) Assist in financing materials and equipment for the electrification of transportation; and

(2) Offer programs, services, or investments in the electrification of transportation in a way that benefits ratepayers.

Permits an electric utility to submit an electrification of transportation plan, to the utilities and transportation commission, that deploys electric vehicle supply equipment or provides other electric transportation programs, services, or incentives to support electrification of transportation.

Creates the electric vehicle account.