SB 5667 - DIGEST

States that the following cease to exist, effective June 30, 2020: The local government competitive grant program, the attorney general's consultation program, and the state archivist's training services.

Requires agencies, with actual staff and legal costs associated with fulfilling public records requests, to report the following to the joint legislative audit and review committee: (1) The number of requests where the agency provided the requested records within five days of receiving the request;

(2) The number of requests where the agency provided a time estimate for providing responsive records beyond five days after receiving the request; and

(3) The average number of days from receipt of request to the date the request is closed.

Requires the county auditor, in addition to other surcharges authorized by law, to charge a surcharge of one dollar per instrument for each document recorded.

Requires the revenue generated through this surcharge to be transmitted to the state treasurer monthly for deposit in the local government archives account to be used exclusively for the competitive grant program and for the attorney general's consultation program and state archivist's training services.