SB 5834 - DIGEST

Requires a school district to: (1) Provide information to the parents and guardians of enrolled students regarding students' rights to a free public education, regardless of immigration status or religious beliefs; and

(2) Include information from a student's education record in the student information directory only after the parent or guardian has provided written consent to include the information.

Requires the Washington state school directors' association to develop, and publish on its web site, a model policy and procedure relating to immigrant students.

Requires the office of the superintendent of public instruction to develop, and publish on its web site, a brief presentation, guidance, or other training materials describing certain requirements in this act.

Requires charter schools, and each school that is the subject of a state-tribal education compact, to comply with nondiscrimination laws, including certain requirements in this act.

Prohibits school district officials and employees from collecting information or documents regarding the citizenship or immigration status of students or their family members.