January 14, 2019 - Monday
SB 5000 Concerning online access to health care resources for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Palumbo 12/3/2018
SB 5001 Concerning human remains. Pedersen 12/3/2018
SB 5002 Concerning limited cooperative associations. Pedersen 12/3/2018
SB 5003 Concerning Washington's business corporation act. Pedersen 12/3/2018
SB 5004 Allowing animal care and control agencies and nonprofit humane societies to provide additional veterinary services to low-income households. Cleveland 12/3/2018
SB 5005 Authorizing the issuance of personalized collector vehicle license plates. Takko 12/4/2018
SB 5006 Allowing the sale of wine by microbrewery license holders. Takko 12/4/2018
SB 5007 Concerning motorcycle helmet use. Rolfes 12/4/2018
ESB 5008 Concerning short subdivisions. Palumbo 12/4/2018
SB 5009 Addressing the state auditor's duties and procedures. Hunt 12/4/2018
SB 5010 Concerning protected lands not being assessed local fire district levies. Rolfes 12/6/2018
SB 5011 Concerning a community aviation revitalization loan program. Honeyford 12/7/2018
SB 5012 Concerning governmental continuity during emergency periods. Takko 12/7/2018
SB 5013 Concerning the appointment of religious coordinators. McCoy 12/7/2018
SB 5014 Reducing state assessment requirements to only those required for federal purposes in order to facilitate removal of inequitable barriers to students. McCoy 12/7/2018
SB 5015 Applying motor vehicle muffler requirements to certain older vehicles. McCoy 12/7/2018
SB 5016 Allowing animal control officers to carry firearms for personal protection. Van De Wege 12/10/2018
SB 5017 Concerning the uniform unsworn declarations act. Salomon 12/10/2018
SB 5018 Replacing the Interstate 405 express toll lanes with a general purpose lane and a high occupancy vehicle lane. Palumbo 12/10/2018
SB 5019 Modifying the expiration date of certain state fire service mobilization laws. Takko 12/10/2018
SB 5020 Establishing a soju endorsement to certain restaurant licenses. Hobbs 12/10/2018
SB 5021 Granting interest arbitration to department of corrections employees. Van De Wege 12/12/2018
SB 5022 Granting binding interest arbitration rights to certain higher education uniformed personnel. Keiser 12/12/2018
SB 5023 Concerning an ethnic studies curriculum for public school students. Hasegawa 12/12/2018
SB 5024 Concerning the transparency of local taxing districts. Hasegawa 12/12/2018
SB 5025 Creating sales and use and excise tax exemptions for self-help housing development. Das 12/13/2018
SB 5026 Concerning the placement of planning boundaries in conjunction with parcel boundaries. Honeyford 1/4/2019
SB 5027 Concerning extreme risk protection orders. Frockt 12/17/2018
SB 5028 Declaring September the month of the kindergartner. Hunt 12/18/2018
SB 5029 Concerning law enforcement. Frockt 12/19/2018
SB 5030 Concerning service contract providers. Mullet 12/21/2018
SB 5031 Protecting consumers from charges for out-of-network health care services. Rolfes 12/21/2018
SB 5032 Concerning medicare supplemental insurance policies. Cleveland 12/21/2018
SB 5033 Concerning employment after public service in state government. Carlyle 12/21/2018
SB 5034 Requiring debt collection complaints to be filed prior to service of summons and complaint. Dhingra 12/21/2018
SB 5035 Enhancing the prevailing wage laws to ensure contractor and owner accountability and worker protection. SaldaƱa 12/21/2018
SB 5036 Concerning the compensation of commissioners of certain metropolitan park districts. Conway 12/24/2018
SB 5037 Requiring a regional transit authority to receive additional approval from voters if the cost to complete a regional transit system plan approved by voters in 2016 increases beyond fifty-four billion dollars or any additions or subtractions of projects or significant project scope when compared to the system plan are made. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5038 Limiting the placement of institutionalized persons with a history of criminal justice involvement in adult family homes. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5039 Adjusting the duration of competency restoration treatment based on risk. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5040 Concerning the equitable geographic distribution of community placements for institutionalized persons with a history of criminal justice involvement. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5041 Concerning development of community long-term involuntary treatment capacity. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5042 Establishing a vehicle valuation method for a regional transit authority collecting a motor vehicle excise tax that is based on Kelley blue book or national automobile dealers association values. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5043 Nullifying the imposition of certain taxes within regional transit authority boundaries. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5044 Nullifying the imposition of certain taxes within regional transit authority boundaries. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5045 Integrating risk for long-term civil involuntary treatment into managed care. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5046 Extending county authority to collect reimbursements from the department when conducting panel competency evaluations. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5047 Concerning veteran diversion from involuntary commitment through increased coordination between the veterans administration and the department of social and health services. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5048 Establishing a reentry community safety program for state hospital patients. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5049 Concerning the creation of a property tax exemption for spouses of military members or first responders killed in the line of duty. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5050 Creating a sentencing enhancement for body armor. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5051 Incentivizing the development of commercial office space in cities with a population of greater than fifty thousand and located in a county with a population of less than one million five hundred thousand. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5052 Concerning school resource officers. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5053 Increasing behavioral health workforce participation by addressing certification and licensure requirements. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5054 Increasing the behavioral health workforce by establishing a reciprocity program to increase the portability of behavioral health licenses and certifications. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5055 Increasing availability of peer services for persons with behavioral health disorders. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5056 Providing incentives to reduce involvement by persons with behavioral health disorders in the criminal justice system. O'Ban 12/24/2018
SB 5057 Protecting youth from tobacco products and vapor products by increasing the minimum legal age of sale of tobacco and vapor products. Kuderer 12/31/2018
SB 5058 Penalizing employers who relocate call centers to another country. Hasegawa 12/31/2018
SB 5059 Allowing the legislative gift center to sell products produced in Washington by craft distillers and microbreweries. Hasegawa 12/31/2018
SB 5060 Changing the burden of proof in certain civil asset forfeiture hearings. Hasegawa 12/31/2018
SB 5061 Addressing undetectable firearms. Dhingra 12/31/2018
SB 5062 Concerning high capacity magazines. Kuderer 12/31/2018
SB 5063 Providing prepaid postage for all election ballots. Nguyen 12/31/2018
SB 5064 Protecting personal information. Nguyen 12/31/2018
SB 5065 Concerning consumer competitive group insurance. Hobbs 12/31/2018
SB 5066 Concerning school district elections. Wellman 1/3/2019
SB 5067 Modifying certain common school provisions. Zeiger 1/3/2019
SB 5068 Updating the term essential academic learning requirements to state learning standards to reflect current terminology. Wellman 1/3/2019
SB 5069 Concerning access to state career and technical course equivalencies. Zeiger 1/3/2019
SB 5070 Concerning bilingual educators. Wellman 1/3/2019
SB 5071 Repealing certain obsolete common school provisions. Zeiger 1/3/2019
SB 5072 Concerning extreme risk protection orders. O'Ban 1/3/2019
SB 5073 Concerning state reimbursement of election costs. Hunt 1/4/2019
SB 5074 Enacting the uniform faithful presidential electors act. Kuderer 1/4/2019
SB 5075 Creating a motor vehicle excise tax low-income market value adjustment program. Kuderer 1/4/2019
SB 5076 Allowing persons complying with conditions of community custody to be registered to vote. Kuderer 1/4/2019
SB 5077 Prohibiting single-use plastic straws. Kuderer 1/4/2019
SB 5078 Requiring disclosure of federal income tax returns of presidential and vice presidential candidates prior to appearing on the ballot. Kuderer 1/4/2019
SB 5079 Enacting the Native American voting rights act of Washington. McCoy 1/4/2019
SB 5080 Concerning earned release time and graduated reentry for educational participation and achievement for certain offenders. McCoy 1/4/2019
SB 5081 Creating the Indian fugitive extradition act. McCoy 1/4/2019
SB 5082 Creating a committee to promote and expand social emotional learning. McCoy 1/4/2019
SB 5083 Allowing certain records, documents, proceedings, and published laws of federally recognized Indian tribes to be admitted as evidence in courts of Washington state. McCoy 1/4/2019
SB 5084 Creating the Washington community development authority. McCoy 1/4/2019
SB 5085 Providing access to broadband internet services. McCoy 1/4/2019
SB 5086 Concerning school surplus technology. Wellman 1/7/2019
SB 5087 Establishing the world language competency grant program. Wellman 1/7/2019
SB 5088 Awarding credits for computer science. Wellman 1/7/2019
SB 5089 Increasing early learning access for children ages thirty months and older with developmental delays or disabilities. Wellman 1/7/2019
SB 5090 Addressing wage and salary information. Wellman 1/7/2019
SB 5091 Concerning state and federal special education funding. Wellman 1/7/2019
SB 5092 Providing flexibility to school districts by authorizing school district waivers. Fortunato 1/7/2019
SB 5093 Enhancing litter control along state highways. Fortunato 1/7/2019
SB 5094 Exempting the flag of the United States from regulations regarding signs, banners, or decorations along or near roadways. Fortunato 1/7/2019
SB 5095 Reestablishing the productivity board. Fortunato 1/7/2019
SB 5096 Concerning short-term case aides that provide temporary assistance for foster parents. O'Ban 1/7/2019
SB 5097 Concerning the licensure and certification of massage therapists and reflexologists. Cleveland 1/7/2019
SB 5098 Increasing appropriated funding for public defense services. Braun 1/8/2019
SB 5099 Establishing recreational target shooting areas on public lands. Sheldon 1/8/2019
SB 5100 Concerning a pilot program for cougar control. Sheldon 1/8/2019
SB 5101 Requiring a state resident preference on competitive examinations for public employment. Sheldon 1/8/2019
SB 5102 Concerning department of natural resources' land acquisitions. Sheldon 1/8/2019
SB 5103 Regarding establishing natural areas. Sheldon 1/8/2019
SB 5104 Prohibiting local governments from imposing vehicle tolls. Sheldon 1/8/2019
SB 5105 Modifying education reporting requirements. Wellman 1/9/2019
SB 5106 Concerning the creation of a work group to study and make recommendations on natural disaster mitigation and resiliency activities. Das 1/9/2019
SB 5107 Addressing trust institutions. Das 1/9/2019
SB 5108 Concerning the tax treatment of renewable natural gas. King 1/9/2019
SB 5109 Authorizing certain fairs with special occasion licenses to have multiple concessionaires. Zeiger 1/9/2019
SB 5110 Concerning the consumption of alcohol for certain special events held on agricultural fairgrounds. Zeiger 1/9/2019
SB 5111 Concerning temporary registration cards for private investigators. Zeiger 1/9/2019
SB 5112 Concerning the efficient administration of campaign finance and public disclosure reporting and enforcement. Hunt 1/10/2019
SB 5113 Concerning community and technical colleges granting high school diplomas. Liias 1/10/2019
SB 5114 Creating a guardianship pilot program for persons who are gravely disabled to provide them individualized treatment, supervision, and appropriate placement to support successful transition to the community. O'Ban 1/10/2019
SB 5115 Concerning appliance efficiency standards. Carlyle 1/10/2019
SB 5116 Supporting Washington's clean energy economy and transitioning to a clean, affordable, and reliable energy future. Carlyle 1/10/2019
SB 5117 Concerning the siting of essential public facilities under the growth management act. Palumbo 1/10/2019
SB 5118 Concerning the right to consume self-generated electricity. Palumbo 1/10/2019
SB 5119 Including highway workers employed on a transportation project by a contractor in the tuition and fee exemption for children and surviving spouses of highway workers. Palumbo 1/10/2019
SB 5120 Contracting with private correctional facilities for the transfer or placement of offenders. Palumbo 1/10/2019
SB 5121 Concerning embezzlement. Honeyford 1/10/2019
SB 5122 Addressing insurance coverage for water-sewer district commissioners. Takko 1/10/2019
SB 5123 Defining three days in unlawful detainer actions. Padden 1/10/2019
SB 5124 Concerning appraisal management company Title XI compliance and license expiration. Das 1/10/2019
SB 5125 Providing consistency and efficiency in the regulation of auctioneers and auction companies, engineering and land surveying, real estate, funeral directors, and cosmetology. Conway 1/10/2019
SB 5126 Expanding the traumatic brain injury fee to other traffic-related offenses. McCoy 1/10/2019
SB 5127 Increasing the traumatic brain injury fee. McCoy 1/10/2019
SB 5128 Reducing the electric motorcycle registration renewal fee. Rolfes 1/11/2019
SB 5129 Increasing revenues for the support of state government. Rolfes 1/11/2019
SB 5130 Increasing transportation revenues to help fund state fish barrier removal. Rolfes 1/11/2019
SB 5131 Regarding foreclosure and distraint sales of manufactured/mobile or park model homes. Takko 1/11/2019
SB 5132 Addressing noncollection of taxes by county treasurers. Takko 1/11/2019
SB 5133 Concerning state general obligation bonds and related accounts. Frockt 1/11/2019
SB 5134 Concerning the capital budget. Frockt 1/11/2019
SB 5135 Preventing toxic pollution that affects public health or the environment. Rolfes 1/11/2019
SB 5136 Establishing the water infrastructure program. Honeyford 1/11/2019
SB 5137 Modifying the aircraft excise tax. Honeyford 1/11/2019
SB 5138 Concerning aircraft registration. Honeyford 1/11/2019
SB 5139 Concerning daylight saving time in Washington state. Honeyford 1/11/2019
SB 5140 Concerning uniform standard time for the state of Washington. Honeyford 1/11/2019
SB 5141 Concerning school resource officer mandatory training and policies. Wellman 1/11/2019
SB 5142 Increasing equitable gender representation on corporate boards. Wellman 1/11/2019
SB 5143 Concerning the authorized removal, safe keeping, and return of firearms and ammunition by law enforcement during and after domestic violence incidents. Dhingra 1/11/2019
SB 5144 Implementing child support pass-through payments. Dhingra 1/11/2019
SB 5145 Concerning the use of hydraulic fracturing in the exploration for and production of oil and natural gas. Salomon 1/11/2019
SB 5146 Concerning flexibility in high school graduation requirements. Wellman 1/11/2019
SB 5147 Providing tax relief to females by exempting feminine hygiene products from retail sales and use tax. Wilson, L. 1/11/2019
SB 5148 Concerning visible clothing requirements for hunting. Wilson, L. 1/11/2019
SB 5149 Monitoring of domestic violence perpetrators. Wilson, L. 1/11/2019
SB 5150 Authorizing security for community and technical colleges. Wilson, L. 1/11/2019
SB 5151 Requiring the growth management hearings board to topically index the rulings, decisions, and orders it publishes. Wilson, L. 1/11/2019
SB 5152 Amending the definition of substantial development to exclude certain dwellings for the elderly and infirm. Wilson, L. 1/11/2019
SB 5153 Making 2019-2021 biennium operating appropriations. Rolfes 1/11/2019
SB 5154 Making 2017-2019 biennium second supplemental operating appropriations. Rolfes 1/11/2019
SB 5155 Allowing residential marijuana agriculture. Walsh 1/11/2019
SB 5156 Concerning diaper changing stations at restaurants. Hunt 1/11/2019
SB 5157 Requiring the department of transportation to complete a study on passenger-only ferry services. Hunt 1/11/2019
SJM 8000 Urging Congress to protect United States mail service. Hasegawa 12/31/2018
SJM 8001 Calling on Congress to exercise its authority under Article V of the United States Constitution to regulate money spent on elections. Hasegawa 12/31/2018
SJM 8002 Asking Congress to call a limited convention, authorized under Article V of the United States Constitution, for the purpose of proposing a free and fair elections amendment to that Constitution. Kuderer 1/4/2019
SJR 8200 Amending the state Constitution to provide governmental continuity during emergency periods resulting from a catastrophic incident. Takko 12/7/2018
SJR 8201 Amending the Constitution to allow a simple majority of voters voting to authorize school district bonds. Wellman 1/9/2019