1015-S2 AMH MAYC OBRT 131


2SHB 1015 - H AMD 446

By Representative Maycumber

ADOPTED 03/09/2021

On page 3, beginning on line 33, after "(d)" strike all material through "costs" on line 34 and insert "Beginning in fiscal year 2022, up to five percent of the program revenues may be used for all agencies' staffing and other administrative costs related to the implementation of this act. In the event that the statewide limit in section 2(3)of this act is not reached, the percentage used for administration may be increased as necessary to maintain normal staffing operations, not to exceed ten percent"

On page 7, line 2, after "program" insert "and administrative costs pursuant to section 3 of this act"

EFFECT:   Caps the use of funds for staffing and administration at 5 percent, except if the statewide cap is not met. Clarifies that staffing and administrative costs funded include all agencies implementing this act.

--- END ---