Washington State Senate

Introduction and First Reading of
Bills, Memorials, Joint Resolutions and Concurrent Resolutions
2021 Regular Session of the 67th Legislature
DENNY HECK, President of the Senate KAREN KEISER, President Pro Tem
BRAD HENDRICKSON, Secretary of the Senate STEVE CONWAY, Vice President Pro Tem
STEVE HOBBS, Vice President Pro Tem

March 9, 2021 - Tuesday 58TH DAY

HB 1030 By Representatives Dent, Springer, Boehnke, Eslick, Callan and Slatter

Concerning a community aviation revitalization loan program.

Referred to Committee on TRANSPORTATION.

SHB 1137 By House Committee on Transportation (originally sponsored by Representatives McCaslin, Young, Barkis, Schmick and Graham)

Elevating road maintenance and preservation in transportation planning.

Referred to Committee on TRANSPORTATION.

SHB 1210 By House Committee on Commerce & Gaming (originally sponsored by Representatives Morgan, Peterson, Kloba, Johnson, J., Ryu, Santos, Ortiz-Self, Ormsby, Simmons, Gregerson, Riccelli, Macri, Frame and Harris-Talley)

Replacing the term "marijuana" with the term "cannabis" throughout the Revised Code of Washington.

Referred to Committee on LABOR, COMMERCE & TRIBAL AFFAIRS.

E2SHB 1310 By House Committee on Appropriations (originally sponsored by Representatives Johnson, J., Lovick, Ryu, Simmons, Berry, Fitzgibbon, Hackney, Wylie, Sells, Wicks, Cody, Callan, Gregerson, Santos, Senn, Ortiz-Self, Chopp, Davis, Valdez, Dolan, Bateman, Ormsby, Bergquist, Morgan, Ramel, Ramos, Lekanoff, Frame, Harris-Talley, Pollet, Macri and Peterson)

Concerning permissible uses of force by law enforcement and correctional officers.

Referred to Committee on LAW & JUSTICE.

ESHB 1326 By House Committee on Local Government (originally sponsored by Representatives Lekanoff, Goodman, Ramel, Orwall, Klippert, Bateman, Lovick and Pollet)

Concerning coroners and medical examiners.

Referred to Committee on HOUSING & LOCAL GOVERNMENT.

SHB 1445 By House Committee on Health Care & Wellness (originally sponsored by Representatives Thai, Cody, Ormsby, Pollet and Harris-Talley)

Concerning the definition of compounding for purposes of the practice of pharmacy.

Referred to Committee on HEALTH & LONG TERM CARE.

SHB 1472 By House Committee on College & Workforce Development (originally sponsored by Representatives Slatter, Ortiz-Self, Sutherland, Goodman, Ormsby, Valdez, Eslick, Harris-Talley, Lekanoff, Pollet and Chopp)

Adding a graduate student to the student achievement council.


SHB 1484 By House Committee on Education (originally sponsored by Representatives Dolan and Lekanoff)

Concerning the statewide first responder building mapping information system.

Referred to Committee on EARLY LEARNING & K-12 EDUCATION.