WSR 99-18-103



(Business and Professions Division)

[ Filed September 1, 1999, 10:05 a.m. ]

Original Notice.

Preproposal statement of inquiry was filed as WSR 99-14-083.

Title of Rule: WAC 308-13-045 Initial license, 308-13-150, Landscape architect fees, and 308-13-160 Renewal of license.

Purpose: WAC 308-13-045, to set requirements for licensure, including payment of current license fee, expiration of license, renewal and process for notification. (Two-year renewal effective July 1, 2000); WAC 308-13-150, to adjust registration and examination fees, those examination fees to be collected and passed on to the examination vendor (registration fees effective July 1, 2000; examination fees effective November 8, 1999); and WAC 308-13-160, to set renewal period from three years to two years, effective July 1, 2000.

Statutory Authority for Adoption: RCW 18.96.060, 43.24.086.

Statute Being Implemented: RCW 43.24.086.

Summary: The fees charged by the agency for administering examinations are set at a level to support operation of the program. The changes in registration fees are a result of changing to a two-year renewal period (from three years). Charges for the exam vendor have increase examination and exam reviews, and these fees are passed on to the applicant to defray the costs of administering the program.

Reasons Supporting Proposal: Increased costs to the landscape architect program must be supported by fees assessed to examination applicants.

Name of Agency Personnel Responsible for Drafting, Implementation and Enforcement: Margaret Epting, 405 Black Lake Boulevard, Olympia, WA, (360) 664-1386.

Name of Proponent: Department of Licensing and Washington State Board of Registration for Landscape Architects, governmental.

Rule is not necessitated by federal law, federal or state court decision.

Explanation of Rule, its Purpose, and Anticipated Effects: WAC 308-13-045 sets requirements for licensure, including payment of current license fee, expiration of license, renewal and process for notification. The anticipated effects of outlining the requirements is to inform interested parties of the change to a two-year renewal period, provide timely customer service, reduce telephone inquiries, and reduce delays in administration (two year renewal effective July 1, 2000).

WAC 308-13-150 lists the services for which fees are charged for registration and examination, and the respective amount for each of those services. The purpose of all listed fees is to recover the cost of administering the program. Registration fees will change as result of changing to a two-year renewal cycle on July 1, 2000. The examination vendor has increased examination fees, and these increases are passed on to the applicants for examination. Examination fees will be effective November 8, 1999.

WAC 308-13-160 describes the license renewal process, including the expiration date. The renewal period changes from three years to two years, effective July 1, 2000, to provide more accurate revenue projections and monitor revenues more efficiently.

Proposal Changes the Following Existing Rules: The existing version of these sections lists renewal frequency and fees in amounts that support administering the landscape architect program as it was funded in the 97-99 biennium budget. The 99-01 biennium budget requires minor adjustments to reflect changing from a three-year to two-year renewal cycle, to keep the program financially solvent by funding the additional examination fees charged by the examination vendor, and to meet the requirements to fully support the program with assessed revenue.

No small business economic impact statement has been prepared under chapter 19.85 RCW. Each fee that was increased was within the limits of RCW 43.135.055. No fee increase exceeded fifty dollars to individuals or businesses.

Section 201, chapter 403, Laws of 1995, does not apply to this rule adoption. The Department of Licensing is exempt from RCW 34.05.328(5).

Hearing Location: Conference Room #1, Business and Professions Division, 405 Black Lake Boulevard, Olympia, WA 98502, on October 6, 1999, at 11:00 a.m.

Assistance for Persons with Disabilities: Contact Joan Robinson by September 24, 1999, TDD (360) 664-1387, or (360) 664-2551.

Submit Written Comments to: Margaret Epting, Board of Registration for Landscape Architects, P.O. Box 9045, Olympia, WA 98507-9045, fax (360) 664-2551, by October 1, 1999.

Date of Intended Adoption: November 8, 1999.

September 1, 1999

Margaret Epting



AMENDATORY SECTION(Amending WSR 97-06-065, filed 2/27/97, effective 3/30/97)

WAC 308-13-045
((How and when do I receive my)) Initial license((?)).

(((1) You)) The applicant will be notified by mail ((once you have completed the examination and met)) upon meeting all the requirements for initial ((registration)) licensure.  ((You may apply for your license up to three months prior to your birthdate and pay the fee for up to a thirty-nine month license.  Your)) The applicant must submit the current license fee. The license will expire on ((your)) the applicant's birthdate((.  Subsequent licenses)), and will be issued for ((three)) two years.

(((2) You may also activate an inactive license for up to thirty-nine months.  Subsequent licenses will be issued for three years.))

[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.24.086 and 18.96.110.  97-06-065, 308-13-045, filed 2/27/97, effective 3/30/97.]

AMENDATORY SECTION(Amending WSR 96-11-132, filed 5/22/96, effective 6/22/96)

WAC 308-13-150
Landscape architect fees.

The following fees ((shall be charged by the business and professions division of the department of licensing)) will be collected from the candidates for examination, effective July 1, 2000:

Title of Fee Fee
Application fee $150.00
Reexamination administration fee 50.00
Exam proctor 100.00
Renewal (((3)) 2 years) ((450.00)) 300.00
Late renewal penalty ((150.00)) 100.00
Duplicate license 25.00
Initial registration (((3)) 2 years) ((450.00)) 300.00
Reciprocity application fee 200.00
Certification 45.00
Replacement certificate 20.00

((The following charges shall be)) Those fees collected from ((examination candidates for examinations ordered from CLARB on their behalf.  The charges recovered by the department shall be refunded)) candidates shall be paid to CLARB for the costs of ((tests and shipping charges for)) the examinations, effective November 8, 1999.

Examination and Sections Charges
Entire examination $((550.00)) 570.00
Examination sections:
Section ((1)) A: Legal and administrative
aspects of practice 40.00
Section ((2)) B: Analytical ((and technical))
aspects of practice ((70.00)) 80.00
Section ((3)) C: ((Conceptualization and
communication)) Planning and site design ((110.00)) 160.00
Section ((4)) D: ((Design synthesis)) ((110.00))
Structural considerations and materials and methods of construction


Section ((5)) E: ((Integration of technical
and design requirements)) Grading, drainage and stormwater management ((110.00)) 160.00
((Section 6: Grading and drainage 110.00))

[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.96.080 and 43.24.086.  96-11-132, 308-13-150, filed 5/22/96, effective 6/22/96; 95-20-026, 308-13-150, filed 9/27/95, effective 10/28/95.  Statutory Authority: RCW 43.24.086.  94-23-031, 308-13-150, filed 11/8/94, effective 12/9/94.  Statutory Authority: RCW 18.96.080.  94-04-044, 308-13-150, filed 1/27/94, effective 2/27/94.  Statutory Authority: RCW 43.24.086 and 18.96.080.  91-23-021, 308-13-150, filed 11/8/91, effective 12/9/91; 90-15-039, 308-13-150, filed 7/13/90, effective 8/13/90.  Statutory Authority: RCW 43.24.086.  90-03-031, 308-13-150, filed 1/12/90, effective 2/12/90; 88-04-027 (Order PM 702), 308-13-150, filed 1/26/88.  Statutory Authority: 1983 c 168 12.  83-17-031 (Order PL 442), 308-13-150, filed 8/10/83.  Formerly WAC 308-13-120.]

AMENDATORY SECTION(Amending WSR 97-06-065, filed 2/27/97, effective 3/30/97)

WAC 308-13-160
((How do I renew my license and when will it expire?)) Renewal of license.

(1) A courtesy renewal notice is mailed to ((your current)) the address on file, approximately eight weeks prior to ((your)) the license expiration date.  The notice will show the due date, the amount of renewal fee, the penalty fee for late payment and other mailing instructions.  ((It is essential that you notify)) The board of registration for landscape architects must be notified in writing of any address changes.

(2) ((Your)) The renewed landscape architect license is issued for a ((three)) two-year period that expires on ((your)) the licensee's birthdate.

[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.24.086 and 18.96.110.  97-06-065, 308-13-160, filed 2/27/97, effective 3/30/97.  Statutory Authority: RCW 18.96.080.  94-04-044, 308-13-160, filed 1/27/94, effective 2/27/94.  Statutory Authority: RCW 46.24.086 [43.24.086] and 18.96.110.  88-01-022 (Order PM 696), 308-13-160, filed 12/9/87.]

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