WSR 99-21-018



[ Filed October 12, 1999, 11:42 a.m. ]

The Following Sections are Proposed for Expedited Repeal: Chapter 212-20 WAC, Model and experimental rocketry.

Rules Proposed for Expedited Repeal Meet the Following Criteria: Other rules of the agency or of another agency govern the same activity as the rule, making the rule redundant.

Any person who objects to the repeal of the rule must file a written objection to the repeal within thirty days after publication of this preproposal statement of inquiry.

Address Your Objection to: Mary Corso, State Fire Marshal, Washington State Patrol, Fire Protection Bureau, General Administration Building, P.O. Box 42600, Olympia, WA 98504-2600.

Reason the Expedited Repeal of the Rule is Appropriate: The requirements listed in the WAC should be repealed based on nonconformity to the statute referenced. The statute granting authority, RCW 70.77.250(3), was rewritten in 1994, and no longer addresses model and experimental rocketry.

October 1, 1999

Annette M. Sandberg



     The following sections of the Washington Administrative Code are repealed:
WAC 212-20-001 Declaration of intent.
WAC 212-20-010 Definitions.
WAC 212-20-015 Application--Rocket motors.
WAC 212-20-025 Application--Rocket vehicles.
WAC 212-20-035 Application--Rocket launching.
WAC 212-20-045 Application--Exempt activities.
WAC 212-20-055 Application--Exempt model aircraft.
WAC 212-20-065 Application--Exempt toy rockets.
WAC 212-20-075 Application--Exempt fireworks.
WAC 212-20-085 Purpose--Availability.
WAC 212-20-090 Purpose--Prohibited rockets.
WAC 212-20-095 Purpose--Prohibited propellants.
WAC 212-20-100 Rocket construction and operation.
WAC 212-20-200 Solid propellant rocket motors--General.
WAC 212-20-205 Solid propellant rocket motors--Casing material.
WAC 212-20-210 Solid propellant rocket motors--Casing design.
WAC 212-20-215 Solid propellant rocket motors--Incapable of spontaneous ignition.
WAC 212-20-220 Solid propellant rocket motors--Propellant.
WAC 212-20-225 Solid propellant rocket motors--Manufacturer sampling.
WAC 212-20-230 Solid propellant rocket motors--Manufacturer dating.
WAC 212-20-235 Solid propellant rocket motors--Safe shipment.
WAC 212-20-240 Solid propellant rocket motors--Flame ignition prohibited.
WAC 212-20-245 Solid propellant rocket motors--Instructions.
WAC 212-20-250 Solid propellant rocket motors--Sealing.
WAC 212-20-305 Cold propellant rocket motors--Sold assembled.
WAC 212-20-310 Cold propellant rocket motors--Propellant.
WAC 212-20-315 Cold propellant rocket motors--Working pressure.
WAC 212-20-320 Cold propellant rocket motors--Construction materials.
WAC 212-20-405 Pressurized liquid rocket motors--Sold assembled.
WAC 212-20-410 Pressurized liquid rocket motors--Nontoxic propellant.
WAC 212-20-415 Pressurized liquid rocket motors--Working pressure.
WAC 212-20-420 Pressurized liquid rocket motors--Shipped empty.
WAC 212-20-425 Pressurized liquid rocket motors--Pressurizing.
WAC 212-20-430 Pressurized liquid rocket motors--Construction materials.
WAC 212-20-500 Nationally recognized testing labs, associations.
WAC 212-20-600 Use of rocket motors for spectacular display.
WAC 212-20-605 Use of rocket or rocket motor as a weapon.
WAC 212-20-610 Use of rocket motor contrary to Federal Aviation Agency regulations.
WAC 212-20-615 Tampering with rocket motor.
WAC 212-20-620 Sale of noncomplying rocket motors.
WAC 212-20-625 Operation of rockets contrary to Federal Aviation Agency regulations.
WAC 212-20-630 Use of noncomplying rockets.
WAC 212-20-635 Sale or use of hand-held igniters.
WAC 212-20-640 False certification.
WAC 212-20-645 Reloading solid propellant rocket motor.
WAC 212-20-650 Refilling cold propellant rocket motor.
WAC 212-20-655 Refilling pressurized liquid rocket motor.
WAC 212-20-660 Permits.
WAC 212-20-665 Penalty.
WAC 212-20-990 Appendix--Supplementary information.

Washington State Code Reviser's Office