WSR 03-04-050



[ Filed January 29, 2003, 11:38 a.m. ]

Washington State Health Care Authority

Melodie Bankers, Rule Coordinator, (360) 923-2728

January 31, 2003, Semi-Annual Rule-Making Agenda

Approximate Preproposal

1. Date

2. Subject Area

3. Contact/Telephone Number

Purpose of the Rule

Why is this Significant?



Other Agencies who may have Interest in the Subject of Rule(s)
1. CR-101 filed May 19, 2002

2. WAC 182-25-010

3. Rosanne Reynolds

(360) 923-2948

Revise rules regarding eligibility based on income and other factors, to ensure that enrollment and subsidy levels are based on an accurate appraisal of the person's circumstances. No mandate. DSHS Medical Assistance Administration
1. CR-101 filed January 2, 2003

2. WAC 182-25-030 and

182-25-090 (and potential

new section)

3. Rosanne Reynolds

(360) 923-2948

Revise rules regarding limiting or closing enrollment when the administrator determines there is a danger of overexpenditure of appropriated funds. RCW 70.47.060(4) and 70.47.080 require the administrator to close enrollment if the administrator finds that a danger of overexpenditure of appropriations exists. DSHS Medical Assistance Administration
1. June 2003

2. PEBB and BH programs

3. Melodie Bankers

(360) 923-2728

HCA plans to review Title 182 WAC and to amend or adopt rules as necessary or appropriate. No mandate.

NOTE: Depending on what the 2003 legislature decides regarding health care, the following programs may need to file emergency WACs: Community Health Services, Public Employee Benefits Board, and Basic Health.

If you have any questions, Melodie Bankers can be reached at (360) 923-2728.

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