WSR 03-04-063



[ Filed January 30, 2003, 4:46 p.m. ]

     The Washington Lottery has recently adopted or revised the following policies:

POL 110.013 - Cellular Telephones (Revision)

     Added that employees are allowed de minimis personal use of cell phones; added a definition of de minimis. Employees no longer reimburse the lottery for inadvertent use of state cellular phone lines; instead, the employee must demonstrate he/she can avoid future improper use. In addition, the employee may lose the right to have a cell phone, or may be subject to disciplinary action. An information services designee now notifies lottery supervisors when they can destroy past call phone billing records.

     Signed December 17, 2002.

POL 110.028 - Releasing Retailer Information on On-Line Winning Tickets (Revision)

     Added information about releasing Mega Millions information to the public. Also made other minor housekeeping changes, such as indicating the web site is now updated by a "web site host."

     Signed October 3, 2002.

POL 110.556 - Mega Millions Drawings (Revision)

     The two forms used by the lottery drawing official and the external auditor were combined into one form.

     Signed December 28, 2002.

POL 220.007 - Meals at Meetings and Formal Training Sessions (Revision)

     Added that the lottery may pay for the meals of outside participants if the participants' attendance is a necessary part of the meeting or formal training session. Added a list of how payments can be made (lottery pays, lottery pays and vendor is billed, or employee pays and receives reimbursement via travel voucher).

     Signed December 10, 2002.

POL 220.022 - Reduction-in-Force (RIF) (Revision)

     To the definition of "layoff unit," added language defining the layoff unit for district sales representatives (DSRs) as regional first and statewide second (the definition for all other agency classifications did not change). Added that, prior to determining a RIF is necessary, the Union-Management Committee will discuss the impact on DSRs. RIF is used only as a last resort.

     Signed January 17, 2003.

POL 130.006 - Harley-Davidson¦ Provisional Licenses (New)

     This is a new policy that allows the lottery to issue a six-month provisional license to specific Harley-Davidson¦ dealers, to sell only Game 426 - $3 Harley-Davidson¦. A short form application and contract were developed for these dealers (this is possible due to the limited financial exposure and other risks from the short duration of selling only Game 426). The director of sales identifies the dealers offered the opportunity to participate.

     Signed October 17, 2002.

POL 320.078 - Harley-Davidson¦ Retailer Promotion (New)

     This new policy establishes guidelines for awarding prizes to retailers for activating packs of Game 426 - $3 Harley-Davidson¦. The promotion runs November 4, 2002 - February 23, 2003. Entries are based on activated (and not returned or returned to received status) packs. One retailer in each region will receive a prize of $2,500.

     Signed October 22, 2002.

POL 320.079 - Mega Millions Motor Tour Promotion (New)

     This new policy establishes guidelines for gathering entries and selecting one winner of a trip for two to Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas for each of the Mega Millions Motor Tour promotional events. For each $5 lottery product purchased at an event, the purchaser receives one entry. The events were held October 15 (Vancouver), October 19 (Moses Lake), and October 24 (Spokane). The director of marketing may approve conducting this promotion at other Mega Millions or lottery promotional events.

     Signed October 14, 2002.

POL 420.020 - Permanently Assigned Vehicles (Revision)

     When managers or the director/deputy director deny a permanently assigned vehicle, the denial no longer has to be in writing. The final approval memo is prepared by the administrative services manager, rather than the director. The director or deputy director can determine that circumstances justify not following supervisory channels for approval (such as when the decision is made during the hiring process).

     Signed October 8, 2002.

     To receive a copy of these policies, contact Becky Zopolis, Washington Lottery, P.O. Box 43000, Olympia, WA 98504-3000, phone (360) 664-4816, fax (360) 664-4817.

January 29, 2003

Becky L. Zopolis

Legislature Code Reviser 


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