WSR 03-13-131



(Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation)

[ Memorandum -- June 17, 2003 ]

The Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation (IAC) will meet Thursday, July 10 and Friday, July 11, 2003, beginning on Thursday, July 10, 9:30 a.m. in Room 172 in the Natural Resources Building in Olympia, Washington.

The draft agenda for this meeting includes updates on legislative issues, the biodiversity project, and recreation in FERC proceedings. Action items include funding decisions for projects under the Washington wildlife and recreation program, the LWCF program and the education and enforcement component of the NOVA program. The IAC will also review and may act on policy guidance (program manuals) for the FARR, NOVA E&E, and youth athletic facilities (YAF) programs. There will also be an executive session concerning legal issues related to the NOVA program.

If you plane to participate or have materials for committee review, please submit information to IAC no later than June 25, 2003. This will allow for distribution to committee members in a timely fashion.

IAC public meetings are held in locations accessible to people with disabilities. Arrangements for individuals with hearing or visual impairments can be provided by contacting IAC by June 27, at (360) 902-2637 or TDD (360) 902-1996.

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