WSR 03-15-037



[ Filed July 9, 2003, 3:06 p.m. ]

     The Washington lottery has recently adopted or revised the following policies:

POL 220.016 - State-Sponsored Charge Cards (Revision)

     To the sentence that said using the card inappropriately (for nonstate related travel expenses or allowing other individuals to use the card) may result in corrective or disciplinary action, added that the action can include loss of card privileges.

     Signed February 5, 2003.

POL 230.006 - Receiving, Activating and Settling Scratch Tickets (Revision)

     Now the lottery automatically puts packs of tickets into settled status when the pack has been in activated status for more than fifty days, or has had 80% of the low-tier prizes in the pack validated, whichever comes first, regardless if all tickets have been sold.

     Also, rather than saying retailers with tickets in received status more than ninety days will not receive any additional stock unless the director of sales approves it, stock will continue to be sent unless the director of sales determines circumstances justify not sending any more tickets.

     Signed February 7, 2003.

POL 230.008 - Scratch Ticket Full Pack Returns (Revision)

     Corrected the language re: The lottery recommending that retailers return packs of tickets to the lottery that they have not activated within thirty days of receipt, to those packs not activated within sixty days of receipt. (Thirty days was an incorrect note - POL 230.006 already said sixty days.) Updated titles.

     Signed February 6, 2003.

POL 230.009 - Changing the Status of Scratch Ticket Packs (Revision)

     Added that only full packs can be returned from settled to activated and activated to received.

     Included the information that we automatically put packs of tickets in settled status fifty days after activation or when 80% of the low-tier prizes in the pack have been validated, whichever comes first, regardless if all tickets have been sold.

     Signed February 6, 2003.

POL 310.017 - Installing/Repairing In-Counter Dispensers (Revision)

     The reimbursement rates were updated. Regional sales managers can now approve reimbursements for higher than the standard rate. The procedure was removed.

     Signed March 13, 2003.

POL 320.075 - Conducting the Lucky for Life Second Chance Drawing Event (Revision)

     For the second event, the sealed container with the keys was Fed Ex'd to Region 1 for safekeeping before the event. Administrative services did not send a representative to the event. Using a test lock, the finalists walked through the door/lock procedures before the event. Keys were retested in the lock after the event.

     Signed February 7, 2003.

POL 320.080 - Prize Payments for Scratch Game 444-Monthly Bonus (New)

     This new policy outlines guidelines for paying prizes of Game 444-Monthly Bonus. Winners have the option of receiving a one-time payment, or receiving $5,000 a month for two years. It lists specific information on how the prizes are paid and what happens if the winner dies before receiving the full payment. It also lists the responsibilities of customer service and regional designees, the information services director or designee, and the general accounting supervisor or designee/customer service supervisor or designee.

     Signed February 4, 2003.

POL 320.081 - Prize Payments for "Monthly Bonus" Scratch Tickets (New)

     Similar to 320.080 above, but is not specific to Game 444; applies to all "Monthly Bonus" Scratch tickets (after Game 444).

     Signed April 7, 2003.

POL 320.082 - Mega Millions "Shopping Spree" Promotion (New)

     This policy established guidelines for awarding a bonus prize to a player who purchased a $5 Mega Millions Ticket as a single transaction during each week of the 4-week promotional period (June 1, 2003, through 7:45 p.m. June 29). In addition, the retailers who sold the tickets that generated the winning bonus tickets, received $5,000.

     Signed June 3, 2003.

POL 320.083 - Corvette¦ Cash Retailer Promotion (New)

     For each top prize (Corvette¦ convertible) from Game 453 - Corvette¦ Cash, that is claimed at a lottery office, the retailer who sold the ticket will receive $1,000.

     Signed May 28, 2003.

POL 420.017 - Commuting Incentives (New)

     This policy encourages employees to commute to work in other than a single-occupancy vehicle by offering an incentive. To qualify, at least 50% of the commute must be via other than a single-occupancy vehicle, and the employee must commute by a means other than a single-occupancy vehicle at least 50% of the days worked during the month. The employee receives $2 for each day the alternative means was used. The incentive pay is included in the employee's taxable income. Employees who commute in state-owned vehicles (even if occupied by more than one person) do not qualify for an incentive.

     Signed February 12, 2003; updated March 13, 2003 (to clarify salient points).

     To receive a copy of these policies, contact Joan Reuell, Washington Lottery, P.O. Box 43000, Olympia, WA 98504-3000, phone (360) 664-4818, fax (360) 664-4817.

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