WSR 04-17-101


[ Filed August 17, 2004, 1:17 p.m. ]

Below is a table of toxics cleanup program (TCP) policies, procedures, or implementation memos that have been updated, deleted, or are newly created. A description of each document, the document number, description of the document contents, and the action taken are included.

This information is also being forwarded to Linda Thompson to be included in the toxics cleanup program site register. In addition, Carol Dorn, TCP's forms and records analyst and Barb Huether, TCP's internet coordinator, are being notified of the changes.

To receive a copy of any one of the following documents please contact Carol Dorn at (360) 407-7224.


Policy (POL) Number

Title Description Change Contact for Copies
POL 130A Coordination of SEPA and MTCA This policy clarifies the relationship and coordination between the State Environmental Policy Act and the MTCA regulation. Updated and includes attachment Carol Dorn

(360) 407-7224

POL 310A Policy 310A Initial Investigations This policy provides guidance regarding the initial investigation process set forth in WAC 173-340-310. Updated and includes Attachments A and B Carol Dorn

(360) 407-7224

Tim Nord, Manager

Toxics Cleanup Program

Headquarters Section

Legislature Code Reviser 


Washington State Code Reviser's Office