WSR 08-09-097



[ Filed April 21, 2008, 9:06 a.m. ]

Original Notice.

Exempt from preproposal statement of inquiry under RCW 34.05.310(4).

Title of Rule and Other Identifying Information: WAC 246-915-99005 Physical therapist assistant fees and renewal cycle, this proposed rule establishes fees for licensure of physical therapist assistants. In the 2007 legislative session, ESSB 5292 requires licensure for physical therapist assistants.

Hearing Location(s): Department of Health, Town Center 2, 111 Israel Road S.E., Room 158, Tumwater, WA 98501, on May 29, 2008, at 2:00 p.m.

Date of Intended Adoption: June 12, 2008.

Submit Written Comments to: Kris Waidely, P.O. Box 47867, Olympia, WA 98504-7867, web site, fax (360) 664-9077, by May 27, 2008.

Assistance for Persons with Disabilities: Contact Kris Waidely by May 27, 2008, TTY (800) 833-6388 or 711.

Purpose of the Proposal and Its Anticipated Effects, Including Any Changes in Existing Rules: The proposed rule establishes licensure fees for physical therapist assistants. The proposed rule will detail fee amounts for applications, renewals, late renewals, inactive status, expired reactivations, expired inactive status, duplicate licenses, and verifications.

Reasons Supporting Proposal: RCW 43.70.250 requires these fees to be established in rule. In addition, it also requires all fees to cover the costs to administer the program and all costs must be fully borne by the members of that profession, occupation, or businesses.

Statutory Authority for Adoption: RCW 43.70.250.

Statute Being Implemented: RCW 43.70.250.

Rule is not necessitated by federal law, federal or state court decision.

Name of Proponent: Washington state department of health, governmental.

Name of Agency Personnel Responsible for Drafting, Implementation and Enforcement: Kris Waidely, 310 Israel Road, Tumwater, WA 98501, (360) 236-4847.

No small business economic impact statement has been prepared under chapter 19.85 RCW. Under RCW 19.85.025 and 34.05.310 (4)(f), a small business economic impact statement is not required for proposed rules that set or adjust fees or rates pursuant to legislative standards.

A cost-benefit analysis is not required under RCW 34.05.328. The agency did not complete a cost-benefit analysis under RCW 34.05.328. RCW 34.05.328 (5)(b)(vi) exempts rules that set or adjust fees or rates pursuant to legislative standards.

April 18, 2008

B. White

for Mary C. Selecky



WAC 246-915-99005   Physical therapist assistant fees and renewal cycle.   (1) Licenses must be renewed every year on the practitioner's birthday as provided in chapter 246-12 WAC, Part 2. The secretary may require payment of renewal fees less than those established in this section if the current level of fees is likely to result in a surplus of funds. Surplus funds are those in excess of the amount necessary to pay for the costs of administering the program and to maintain a reasonable reserve. Notice of any adjustment in the required payment will be provided to practitioners. The adjustment in the required payment shall remain in place for the duration of a renewal cycle to assure practitioners an equal benefit from the adjustment.

(2) The following nonrefundable fees will be charged for physical therapist assistant:

Title of Fee Fee
Application $100.00
License renewal 125.00
Late renewal penalty 62.50
Inactive license renewal 50.00
Expired inactive license reissuance 75.00
Expired license reissuance 75.00
Duplicate license 15.00
Certification 25.00


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