WSR 08-15-163



[ Filed July 23, 2008, 9:35 a.m. ]



WHEREAS, current projected weather conditions and fire fuel conditions present a continuing high risk of severe wild-fires in Washington State; and

Multiple fires in Eastern Washington currently require the use of significant levels of fire fighting resources; and

Significant fires have damaged several homes and may result in additional damage to other homes, infrastructure, natural resources, and businesses beginning in July 2008, threatening citizens and property in Washington State; and

The potential threat to life and property from wild-fires is extreme and could cause extensive additional damage to homes, public facilities, businesses, public utilities, and infrastructure in Washington State and endanger the public welfare; and

Wild-fire fighting resources will be scarce throughout the state, region, and nation due to projected fire fighting efforts in other areas, and

Wild-fire has the potential to cause injuries to the citizens and property in every county in Washington, and

Current resource availability may not be adequate to address the outbreak of simultaneous large fires in Washington State and in such a case the Washington National Guard may be needed to assist other jurisdictions and agencies in fire fighting duties and other activities necessary for the protection of people, property, and the environment and/or the economy;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Christine O. Gregoire, Governor of the state of Washington, as a result of the above - noted situation and under Chapters 38.08, 38.52, 43.06, 43.20, 43.43, 43.70, and 70.05 RCW, do hereby proclaim that a State of Emergency exists in all the counties of Washington and direct the plans and procedures to the Washington State Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan be implemented. State agencies and departments are directed to utilize state resources and to do everything reasonably possible to assist affected political subdivisions in an effort to respond to and recover from the event. I also hereby order into active state service the organized militia of Washington State to include the National Guard and the State Guard, or such part thereof as may be necessary in the opinion of the Adjutant General, to perform such duties as directed by competent authority of the Washington Military Department.

Additionally, the Washington State Military Department, Emergency Management Division is instructed to coordinate all event-related assistance to the affected areas.

Signed and sealed with the official seal of the state of Washington this 10th day of July, A.D, Two Thousand and Eight at Olympia, Washington.

Christine O. Gregoire


Sam Reed
Secretary of State

Washington State Code Reviser's Office