WSR 08-19-037



(Toxics Cleanup Program)

[ Filed September 10, 2008, 8:20 a.m. ]

The Washington state department of ecology, toxics cleanup program (TCP) has recently updated the following policies and procedures. To obtain a copy of these and other TCP policies, go to or contact Ann McNeely at the department of ecology at (360) 407-7205 or

Policy or Procedure Title Description
Policy 310 B Creating or changing the name, address or identification number for a facility or site. Provides ecology employees guidance for entering information into ecology's electronic databases. This is a new policy.
Policy 600 B Site register publication. Provides ecology employees guidance on the contents and resposibilities [responsibilities] for publishing information in the site register. Updates a previous policy.
Procedure 600 B Site register publication. Withdrawn.
Policy 840 Data submittal requirements. Provides ecology employees, contractors, and responsible persons guidance for submitting environmental monitoring data during the investigation and cleanup of contaminated sites. Updates previous policy.

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