WSR 10-02-066



[ Filed January 4, 2010, 9:57 a.m. ]

Following is the rule-making agenda for the department of licensing. This agenda is sent as a requirement of RCW 34.05.314.

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97-11-002 Driver responsibility Procedural rules regarding the revocation and restoration of driving privileges of those forced to be an [a] habitual traffic offender under chapter 46.65 RCW, including rules regarding the right to a hearing.
03-17-029 Camping resorts Fee adjustment to chapter 308-420 WAC, regulating camping resorts.
06-22-105 09-13-101 Motorcycle Establish basic requirements governing the operation and scope of motorcycle education courses offered by commercial businesses.
07-10-016 Driver training schools Driver training school program, professional development education, school and instructor approval.
08-07-004 Engineers Chapter 196-26A WAC, Engineer and land surveyor fees.
08-11-045 Appraiser Chapter 308-125 WAC.
08-11-046 Appraiser Chapter 308-125 WAC.
08-14-031 10-02-065 Real estate Implement sections 1-51, chapter 23, Laws of 2008.
08-14-032 Real estate Implement section 10, chapter 110, Laws of 2008.
08-18-055 Prorate Chapter 308-91 WAC, Reciprocity and proration.
08-18-066 Driver responsibility WAC 308-104-160 Nonmoving violation defined.
08-18-068 Driver examining WAC 308-104-018.
08-19-040 09-09-111 Funeral Chapter 308-48 WAC, clarify licensing examination process.
09-03-037 Landscape architect Chapter 308-13 WAC.
09-07-060 09-12-049 Engineering Chapter 196-09 WAC, to differentiate the types of board meetings from regular meetings to special meetings.
09-08-075 Engineering Chapter 196-20 WAC, part of an effort to better organize existing and future rules under the existing chapter that pertain to engineers-in-training.
09-08-077 Land surveyor Chapter 196-21 WAC, part of an effort to better organize existing and future rules under the existing chapter that pertain to land surveyors-in-training.
09-08-005 09-12-050 Engineering Chapter 196-25 WAC, to better define the language regarding direct supervision.
09-15-055 Dealers Chapter 308-66 WAC.
09-19-078 09-23-080 Dealers Chapter 308-65 WAC, to clarify language that promotes a consistent application of law.
09-20-001 09-24-034 Dealers Chapter 308-66 WAC.
09-09-106 Home inspectors WAC 308-408B-130.
09-21-055 Cosmetology Chapter 308-20 WAC.
09-23-019 Uniform commercial code WAC 391-106 [308-391-106].
09-23-078 Driver policy, programs Chapter 308-330 WAC.
09-24-065 Boxing, wrestling, martial arts Chapters 36-12, 36-13, 36-14 WAC.
10-01-035 Tattoo New rules.
10-01-075 Title and registration WAC 308-56A-420.
10-01-124 Master licensing WAC 308-300-160.
10-01-136 Engineers Chapter 196-25 WAC.
10-01-137 Engineers Chapter 196-13 WAC.
10-01-149 Engineers Chapter 196-26A WAC.
10-01-150 Engineers Chapter 196-30 WAC.

Walt Fahrer

Rules Coordinator

Washington State Code Reviser's Office