WSR 10-02-067



[ Filed January 4, 2010, 10:49 a.m. ]

Semi-Annual Rule-Making Agenda

January 1 through June 30, 2010

Following is the liquor control board's semi-annual rule-making agenda for publication in the Washington state register pursuant to RCW 34.05.314.

There may be additional rule-making activity not on the agenda as conditions warrant.

If you have questions about this rule-making agenda, please contact Karen McCall, Rules Coordinator, P.O. Box 43080, Olympia, WA 98504-3080, phone (360) 664-1631, e-mail

WAC Chapter or Section(s) Subject Matter Current Activity


Proposal (CR-102) or

Expedited (CR-105)



Chapter 314-37 Rules review, liquor vendors. WSR 09-07-105

Filed 3/18/09

WSR 09-14-138

Filed 7/1/09

WSR 09-19-002

Filed 9/2/09

Chapter 314-17 Rules review, MAST. WSR 09-12-037

Filed 5/27/09

Rule making may include several chapters in TITLE 314 WAC Rules review, added activities, extended and outside service. WSR 09-11-050

Filed 5/13/09

Rule making may include several chapters in TITLE 314 WAC Rules review, requirements for grocery stores, beer/wine specialty shops, and beer/wine gift delivery licensees delivering beer/wine. WSR 09-11-051

Filed 5/13/09

WSR 09-24-115

Filed 12/2/09

Chapter 314-05 Rules review, special occasion licenses. Expect to file CR-101
Chapter 314-07 Rules review, how to apply for a liquor license. Expect to file CR-101
Chapter 314-68

Rules review, importation of alcoholic beverages for personal or household use. Expect to file CR-101
Chapter 314-18 Rules review, banquet permits. Expect to file CR-101
Chapter 314-36 Rules review, liquor importers, public storage warehouses and importation of liquor. Expect to file CR-101
Chapter 314-44 Rules review, licensed agents. Expect to file CR-101
Chapter 314-45 Rules review, serving and donating of liquor by suppliers at trade conventions of licensees. Expect to file CR-101
Chapter 314-52 Rules review, advertising. WSR 09-04-039

Filed 1/30/09

WSR 09-16-058

Filed 7/29/09

314-29-015, 314-29-020, 314-29-025, 314-29-030, 314-29-035 Rules review, penalty guidelines. WSR 09-10-094

Filed 5/6/09

WSR 09-15-112

Filed 7/15/09

WSR 09-21-050

Filed 10/14/09

314-07-120, 314-42-010, chapter 314-09 Rules review, delegation of authority. WSR 09-12-126

Filed 6/3/09

WSR 09-16-057

Filed 7/29/09

WSR 09-21-048

Filed 10/14/09

Rules implementing legislation
314-07-010 Definition (public institution)

Implementing SSB 6540/06, modifies the processing of liquor licenses. WSR 06-09-102

Filed 4/19/06

Chapter 314-09 (new sections) Implementing EHB 2113/07, guidelines for interpreting the terms "pervasive pattern" and "unreasonably high number of DUI referrals" as part of the definition of chronic illegal activity included in a local government objection to a liquor license application or renewal of a liquor license. WSR 07-17-085

Filed 8/15/07

Create a new chapter in TITLE 314 WAC Implementing SHB 1435/09, cigarette and tobacco licensing and administration. WSR 09-12-125

Filed 6/3/09

WSR 09-22-100

Filed 11/4/09

WSR 10-01-089

Filed 12/16/09

Rule making may include several chapters in TITLE 314 WAC

Implementing SSB 5367, creates a nightclub liquor license. SSB 5834/09, allows B/W specialty shops to sell kegs, allows retail-to-retail product transfers, allows private clubs to sell bottled wine for off-premises consumption, and changes the electronic fund transfer process. Implementing SSB 2358, increases most retail liquor license fees. WSR 09-12-123

Filed 6/3/09

WSR 09-22-101

Filed 11/4/09

WSR 10-01-091

Filed 12/16/09

Rule making may include several chapters in TITLE 314 WAC Implementing SSB 5834/09, changes the definition of "authorized representative," creates a winery warehouse, provides new exceptions to tied house, and modifies requirements for distributor changes. Implement EHB 2040/09, changes in beer and wine regulation including financial ownership or interest, money's worth, price post and hold, and minimum mark-up. SHB 1812/09, changes label requirements on appellation of origin. SHB 1441, process for terminating agreements between distributors and producers of malt beverages. WSR 09-12-124

Filed 6/3/09

WSR 09-22-102

Filed 11/4/09

WSR 10-01-090

Filed 12/16/09

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