WSR 10-24-033



[ November 18, 2010 ]



WHEREAS, collective bargaining agreements for the current biennium were previously negotiated under Chapter 41.56, Chapter 41.80, and Chapter 74.39A of the Revised Code of Washington; and

WHEREAS, the terms and conditions specified in the collective bargaining agreements remain in effect during the current fiscal period; and

WHEREAS, subsequent to the negotiation of these agreements significant revenue shortfalls have occurred that have resulted in both reduced appropriations and across the board reductions in allotments; and

WHEREAS, the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council today adopted an official General Fund-State forecast with a reduction of $385 million in revenue forecasted to be collected this biennium, far lower than the previous forecast; and

WHEREAS, even deeper reductions in appropriations for the current fiscal period will be needed in order to avoid deficits; and

WHEREAS, the legislature has enacted statutes providing that when a significant revenue shortfall occurs, resulting in reduced appropriations after the compensation and fringe benefit provisions of agreements are approved by the legislature, the Governor has the power to issue a proclamation requiring the parties to immediately enter into collective bargaining for mutually agreed upon modifications of the agreements; and

WHEREAS, the state of Washington and the employees and their representatives have endeavored to establish employment relations based on mutual respect, fair treatment, and efficient and cost-effective service delivery to the citizens of the state of Washington;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Christine O. Gregoire, Governor of the state of Washington, by virtue of the authority vested in me by RCW 41.56.028(10), RCW 41.56.029(8), RCW 41.80.010(6), and RCW 74.39A.300(7), do hereby call for the parties to existing collective bargaining agreements subject to these provisions to immediately enter into collective bargaining for mutually agreed upon modifications to the agreements to address the changed fiscal circumstances outlined above.

Signed and sealed with the official seal of the state of Washington this 18th day of November, A.D, Two Thousand and Ten at Olympia, Washington.

Christine O. Gregoire



Dan Speigle

[Deputy] Secretary of State

Washington State Code Reviser's Office